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Steel Plant Technologies

BK Services - Top of the line Steel Plant Equipment

The Kautz and BK-Services Group is an affiliation of several companies including one of the largest Machine Centers in southern Germany. BK-Services is supplier of Steel Plant Equipment to World-Wide & Most-Productive Customers.

Kautz & BK-Services maintain the highest degree of experienced personnel with superior knowledge in design and manufacturing of Steel Plant equipment. The very first set of Copper current Conducting Electrode Arms was mechanically and electrically developed by several of our engineers. They were later involved with the completion of World Wide over 200 sets of Current Conducting Electrode Arms. Over the years numerous Ladle Furnaces and EAF Turn Key Projects were implemented, resulting in supreme productivity.

BK-Services GmbH supplies this range of equipment:

Design and manufacturing of:
  • Complete Turn Key EAF and LMF Projects, Welded Steel Constructions such as Furnace Tilt Platforms, Furnace Shells and Roofs, Steel Ladles, Ladle Cars, and Scrap Buckets.
  • Copper and Aluminum Current Conducting Electrode Arms. (standard spare parts for former FUCHS and BSW electrode arms either in stock or available within short)
  • Supply of machined components for Furnace, Caster and Rolling Mill area (large Machine Center southern Germany) according to your specified drawings
  • Revamps and modifications including installation for any type of Electric Arc Furnaces from FUCHS; DANIELLI; DEMAG; GHH; LECTROMELT, EMPCO, etc.
  • High quality Hydraulic cylinders and Hydraulic Systems - Turn Key.
  • Rolling Mill and Caster Equipment, Overlay on Caster and Rolling Mill rollers
  • Pipeline equipment for gas
  • Oil & Water pressure vessels.

BK-Services is one of the most experienced and recognized suppliers with superior advantage in all areas of design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning, trouble shooting including furnace modifications and revamps.

We offer fast and committed service and short deliveries for all necessary products in and around your steel works. Due to the joining of forces Kautz and subsidiaries and subsequently reduced overheads, we are also able to provide some of the lowest prices on the market.

Individual Steel Plant Equipment at &

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